Saturday, October 4, 2014

"This Ain't Hell" Blog-Website Filled with Vulgar Untruths

"This Ain't Hell" Website Blog - Vulgar Untruths - Those Who Claim to be Honorable Anxiously Berate the Real Honorable Men

Check out the "This Ain't Hell" website-blog owned and operated by John Lilyea and visited by miscreants from all over the country who pleasure themselves by causing harm to honorable veterans when they, themselves are the men of dishonor.

I will be back to tell you more about them and to post a photo of Mr. Lilyea who is a obviously a lonely, sick individual, just like the other individuals who comment on his website because they have nothing else to do with their miserable lives but sit at their computer all day long and make themselves feel like big shots by defaming veterans and destroying the lives of innocent men.


There are several blogs out there on the internet aimed at ruining the lives of those veterans who served their country proudly and honorably.  "This Ain't Hell" is one of the most prominent.  It's contributors, or should I say "haters" have nothing valuable to do with their time than to berate, dishonor, and do whatever they can to ruin the lives of veterans.  They HIDE behind the First Amendment Freedom of Speech clause in their vulgar attempt to convince their readers that they are the "saviors of honor".

These people have even been referred to as "grave robbers".  They read obituaries and when they find one about a serviceman that has passed away, they check the deceased's name and whether the obit states his military service and any awards he had received.  They then, using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), check the deceased's military background.  If they find that the records do not match what is stated in the obituary, they post him on their Stolen Valor website as a phony and an embellisher of his military service.  HOW SICK CAN ONE GET!!

The have greeted people on the street after noticing a license plate that may have a Bronze Star or Purple Heart on the plate.  They engage them in conversation about their military service and soon find out his name.  Then they do the same as stated above....they check his military records via the FOIA and again, if the award on the license plate is not reflected in his records, they post him as a phony/embellisher.


Military Records Departments are NOTORIOUS for their mistakes, errors and omissions and maintenance of incomplete and inaccurate records....particularly from past wars when computers were not used and shoddy (a mild word) record keeping was done by clerks on manual typewriters; documents were destroyed and/or lost; documents never made it from one place to another, and many other similar circumstances.

Take some time and go onto one of these website blogs...This Ain't Hell for example.  You will not be able to wrap your mind around what your eyes see.  The miscreants on this site and others are lower than low.  The filth they spew toward their fellow man is sickening.  These are supposedly ADULT men and women (yes women, some of which you would never want to take home to meet mom for sure), yet they speak and act like little children with no common sense.  In fact, many children have more common sense than these miscreants do.  They have no idle time because they spend all their time going from one site to another in order to degrade as many veterans as possible.  They laugh among each other at how they attempt to out do one another in how much more vulgar and creative they can be in their filthy remarks.

The laws of this land need to be FIXED in order to rid the good, honorable people from these miscreants.
The FOIA needs to be changed to not allow anyone (other than the veteran or his family) to access ANY PORTION OF A VETERAN'S SERVICE RECORD.  That is personal information and should be provided strictly on a NEED TO KNOW BASIS.  How and why does the legal departments of the military branches allow this to go on?  Veterans who are now civilians have attempted to shut these horror mongers down but the courts simply will not listen.  The legal departments of the military should determine who these people are and let them know how they dishonor themselves and the entire military.  The military should prosecute them!

If you are a veteran, stay away from these websites and blogs.  If you join into one of them, you had better be very careful about ANYTHING you say.  The jerks on these sites will use any opportunity that arises to attack you.  They will SPIN whatever you say around to make you appear to be a liar.  Whatever you say or write to them, they change the words and leave out specific terms that change the entire meaning of what you say.  They are relentless.  They are a disgrace to themselves, to their military service, and to this country.

This kind of behavior is not what one is taught while in the military.  MOST servicemen have a sense of honor and a code that they live by.  Unfortunately, that did not sink into the heads of these types of individuals.

DISHONOR lurks among supposed HONORABLE men!

P.S.  The Stolen Valor Act that these miscreants hang their hat on has been declared unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court.  These people who go after others that THEY THEMSELVES deem to be stealing honor have NO GROUND TO STAND ON!  They are DEFAMERS and should be prosecuted for Defamation/Libel by every single individual that they attack.  Maybe then, the courts will listen and shut them down.

You may take this lightly, but you will not ignore it if you ever become one of their targets.

Frank J. Visconi/ REBUTTAL

Frank J. Visconi and REBUTTAL - The TRUE STORY!

October 5, 2014
The owner and operator of, Samuel H. Killeffer (Photo on left- he's much older now) is a LIAR and a defamer. He DISTORTS FACTS to make the lies that he posts on his blog and several other websites appear believable.  Everything you read on the blog is fabricated from uncorroborated information obtained from a MINIMAL amount of information available via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).  Killeffer, the publisher of the BLOWFISH-BOMBER blog was in high school when Visconi served in Vietnam. He was not even in the Marine Corps when Visconi was released from active duty.  Killeffer spent four months in Vietnam when the war was winding down and troops were headed home.  Prior to that, he was on the swim team at Camp Pendleton. Killeffer, the publisher, does not have a CLUE as to what went on in the early days of the Vietnam War (1965-66). But he believes in his own mind that he knows EVERYTHING!  He also believes he knows everything about Marine Corps procedures and policies when in fact, he knows nothing. He, like many others like him who post this kind of garbage, believe they are protecting the valor of others when all he/they are is cravers of attention! Those who believe these fabrications about Visconi and any others on any of these sites should consider themselves just like these "miscreants" who created them and who have nothing to do with their time but sit at a computer all day and defame innocent, honorable men and women who served honorably in the military.  He (Killeffer) has published my phone number and e-mail. If you want to know the REAL FACTS and the REAL TRUTH, ask before you take any of this crap to heart.  Killeffer, the publisher of the website is as low an individual as one can be.  He even stooped so low that he published my social security number, full name and address, date of birth, phone number etc. on a national website which has caused me much grief.  Anyone who would do something like that is a low life.  He has no respect for the law and believes the law cannot touch him.  BEWARE of this particular individual and others like him.  They are blood suckers and they are bent on ruining the lives of people they do not even know and know nothing about. They spew their unsubstantiated fodder and their goal is NOT to protect Valor as they say, but their goal is to destroy lives and to gain attention for themselves.  They are nothing more than stalkers.
Anyone who has been in or is still in the military knows very well that military records departments are notorious for making mistakes.  Most of those who read this will likely be able to attest to that and have had a bad experience with their military records.
Killeffer does not care if he is telling the truth or not.  In fact, he distorts the truth even when he sees it and turns everything around to fit his agenda.  He can't stand to lose once he has started something and if he is threatened by the chance of losing, he becomes even more vindictive.
If you happen to view his blog: you will find that he posts ONLY what he wants and what he believes.  The real TRUTH however, is something he stays away from.  In his blog he does not mention that all of my documents have been authenticated by a licensed, professsional Document Examiner and Handwriting Expert with thirty-three years of experience.  He does not mention that I have taken a polygraph examination with all the pertinent and related questions and passed.   He does not mention that he has been provided proof positive about my promotion to Staff Sergeant directly from the office of the Commandant of the Marine Corps and that he chose to ignore it and call it fake.  To him, EVERYONE is a liar.  He was personally handed my original DISCHARGE and a certified copy of my promotion warrant and he, ignorant as he is, chose to simply smirk and call them "self-produced".

HERE below are documents that this man of DISHONOR refuses to share with you because he knows that they will prove that he is a LIAR and that he only prints what he wants you to see.  I have shown these very documents to this miscreant and he simply looked at them, smirked like the arrogant ass that he is and called them fake and self-produced.

The documents include (in order) my actual Discharge showing my rank of Staff Sergeant; a certified copy of my promotion warrant to Staff Sergeant; a letter directly from a Major at Hq. U.S. Marine Corps verifying that I was promoted to SSgt.; Three pages of a letter of AUTHENTICATION of my documents (including my Bronze Star and Purple Heart citations, my promotion warrant, and other documents). Authentication performed by a licensed Document Examiner and Handwriting Analyst with over 33 years of experience; results of a polygraph examination administered by a professional examiner showing TRUE responses to very pertinent questions; and an article from my hometown newspaper (with photo) showing the damage to my basement in 1979 when my sea bags with all my records were destroyed.

Mr. Killeffer, on his blog, shows a RIBBON RACK with several awards on it that HE says that I posted on a website named Marines Together We Served (TWS) (which he says I was asked to leave which is untrue).  That ribbon rack was NEVER posted on the TWS site because I had already been notified by the Naval Records Department that some of these awards were not on my records. Thus, I never wore them nor did I ever post them.  Anyone can go on the "Sgt. Grit" website to the awards section and BUILD a ribbon rack.  That is exactly what Mr. Killeffer did so he could post it in his blog to show that I was wearing unauthorized ribbons.  He states that my DD-214 (Release from Active Duty) shows that I was a Sergeant at the time I was released from active duty.  What he doesn't say is that if one is promoted after release from active duty, during one's two year inactive reserve period, one's rank is not updated on his DD-214 (confirmed by the Records Department).  Their response is that whatever is on your DISCHARGE is your rank.  Check out my discharge (plus all the other proof).

Mr. Killeffer (I won't even address him as a Marine because he dishonors the code of a real Marine) simply posts "part" of the information so that he can manipulate the truth.  He is a liar and an evil man.  He is just one of many miscreants who have set out to destroy the lives of veterans who have honorably served their country.  I will be posting another page to inform you about another website named: "This Ain't Hell" which is operated by one John Lilyea, a retired Army Sergeant.  Killeffer is one of many defamers (including Lilyea himself) that do NOTHING but sit at their computers all day using fake names so they cannot be identified and take pleasure in their miserable lives to destroy the lives of others.  Visit that site and take a look at the sickening, vulgar comments that these miscreants post about fellow veterans who these idiots have decided among themselves are phonies and/or embellishers of their military history.  They do this under the guise of their First Amendment rights to freedom of speech.  What they need is to be put in jail.  Doing this to others is pleasurable to them (and there are females on the site also.....the kind you DON'T want to take home to meet your mom.

Check out my page on the This Ain't Hell blog owned and operated by Lilyea.  He and Killeffer and a couple others (several others) are known throughout the entire veteran community for their dishonorable behavior.  Lawsuits for defamation have been filed against them many times.  Sooner or later, they will pay for their sins against mankind.